Sunday, June 20, 2010

Unwanted white hair??

got problem with white hair? want to turn it back to its natural color? worried you looked old before you supposed to be? what do you think the cause of it? pressure? over thinking? diet? got electric shock? well, my father said so. since he was once a chargeman. some people thought the white hair occur when people stung by bee, hornet, and its allies. it might be true. i got white hair while i still very young. you see, i grew up in a family that have plenty of pressure. i kept thinking about what will happen to my family and so on. and my diet at that time was unbalanced. i ate more carbohydrate every day.. as i grow up, i made a little research. for your information hair comprised of protein, i didn't remember how much the protein percentage is.. but it definately comprised of protein and if you are black-haired, the white hairs are not growing white, but they came from the black hair which turn to white. if u noticed, if you used to pulled off the white hair, sometimes you'll get half white and black hair. so i ate foods which contained plenty of protein. you know what the foods are, such as beef, chicken, fish, legume plant (nuts), soy bean and so on. and soon i discovered that the numbers of my white hair decreased. well, of course i was not counting the white hair, but from what i saw. it decreased! most of the things that happened to our body are due to the food that we eat.


  1. hmm.. interesting fact!

  2. hahahahhaa~~its ok~~uban tu tande matured sir~